Tomball German Heritage Festival, March 22-24 2024

Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

Your submission of an application, payment of an application or both bind you to the terms below. Submission before or after deadline is not a guarantee of acceptance. We reserve the right to refuse any application without explanation. Please review these terms carefully as we expect you to adhere to them without limitation. All rules and regulations will be fairly, strictly and unilaterally enforced by the Tomball German Festival Management Team. Your full cooperation will be appreciated.


The Tomball German Heritage Festival and Tomball German Christmas Market is presented by the Tomball Sister City Organization.  The Festival Management Team will have final authority in the manner of interpretation and enforcement of all rules and regulations related to the event, and reserve the right to accept or reject any application of exhibit space at its sole discretion.  Please read these rules carefully.   Proof of SALES TAX IDENTIFICATION NUMBER is required.


Licensed, on-site security is provided from 10:00 PM through 6 AM on Friday & Saturday nights. The festival is not responsible for stolen or damaged property, accidents or injury. Make sure your tent and merchandise is rain and wind proofed.​


Booths and locations are assigned on a first come first pay basis.  NO exceptions.  If your booth is a trailer, when requesting your booth size, include trailer length with the tongue.  If trailer is 10 feet and the tongue is 4 feet, you will need 2 booths, 10X20. Tables, chairs, display units, covers, etc. are the responsibility of each Vendor. The Festival will not provide tents, tables, chairs, signs or additional display equipment.  We encourage each Vendor to decorate for Christmas; however, decorations will not be furnished by the Festival.


Booths must be confined to the space you purchase.  This includes trailer tongues, awnings, signs, product, tables, chairs, etc. Exhibits may not interfere with other exhibits or impede access to them or impede the use of the street. (This includes roaming, passing out tickets or giving away samples.  You must stick to the general area of your booth and respect the space of other vendors.  No roaming the grounds distributing anything). This will be strictly enforced.


All booths are subject to inspection by the Fire Marshall and should have a 5 lb. Class ABC fire extinguisher.  A compliance visit from the State Comptroller’s Office can be expected during the festival. Vendors are solely responsible for the reporting and payment of all sales/use tax applicable to your sales.


There will be no early take-downs.  NO rain date.  All Vendors agree to remain for the 3-day event. Early closings and/or take-down will harm the reputation of the festival and its Vendors, and will not be allowed.  This may result in not being invited back in subsequent years.


Place all vendor trash in dumpsters located around the festival grounds (see maps) or in bags behind your booth. Keep your area clean and pick up all trash after take-down.  Please DO NOT put vendor trash in cans provided for our visitors.​


TRAILERS:  If your booth is a trailer (or other type vehicle) set-up starts Thursday  at 3 p.m.  All trailers must be in place by 8 a.m. Friday.  


TENT BOOTHS: Your set-up time starts Friday at 9 am. No early tent set-ups.  We ask that you unload and move your vehicle as soon as possible, then return and set up your booth.  If there is space available behind your booth area, it can be used for unloading only. No vehicles will be permitted in vendor area after 5:00 pm Friday.  All Vendors must be set up by 5:00 pm Friday and open for business at 6 pm. Only walk in set ups are permitted after 5:00 pm. Vendors not occupying their allocated booth(s) by 6:00 pm on Friday will forfeit said space.  The Festival Management Team is authorized to occupy same as it sees fit, without refund.  Please allow sufficient time to set up your booth. EXCEPTION: Walnut Street (W#) cannot set up until after 5 pm when the tax office closes.

ELECTRICITY – No last minute electricity orders.

Electrical is to be paid with booth registration.   DO NOT PLUG ANYTHING INTO FESTIVAL ELECTRICITY until you are told to do so. Each 110 outlet is for use of one cord with no more than 20 amps draw. All extension cords must be #12 wire. Each 220 Outlet is for one cord with no more than 50 amps draw. Electrical heaters are not allowed unless you have a dedicated or additional outlet for the heater ONLY.​


There is NO designated parking lot for vendors.  However, there is plenty of street parking surrounding the festival grounds. Once unloaded, vendors must move vehicles to a parking lot or street parking. No vehicles are allowed to remain in Festival area.​


New:  All food and drink vendors MUST provide proof of liability insurance.   Certificate of Liability Insurance must be current and show the following as certificate holder:  Tomball Sister City Organization, Inc. & The City of Tomball.​


Each food vendor must comply with applicable health requirements.  Permits are required by Harris County Regulations and can be found at


Each food vendor will be responsible for obtaining the proper permits.  Any food vendor who is observed to be operating in an unsafe or unsanitary manner will be asked to leave the festival. Each food vendor must comply with the local fire codes including a Class K Fire Extinguisher.All wine and beer sales will be exclusive to the festival.  Note: ALL food or drink. All items must be listed: Wine and Beer Rights Reserved​


Registration deadline is as noted on the application.  Cancellations made after the deadline are non–refundable.  The total amount is due with your application.  Payments may be made by check or money order.  Booth assignments will be on a first-come, first-serve basis plus electrical requirements.


All booth assignments will be finalized two weeks prior to the festival, with an effort to separate same-type vendor items.  Later applicants will be located in the remaining available spaces. One week prior to the festival, we will email you a packet of information containing your designated booth number(s). Booth numbers will not be assigned unless paid in full.  Return Check Fee $25 – this could result in exclusion from the festival.​


Vendors are expected to exhibit ONLY items that are suitable for viewing by all ages.  Items of questionable taste or items that do not reflect the high standards of the Festival’s Management Team, or items not listed on the Vendor Application will be prohibited.  Additionally, the following items will be prohibited: NO EXCEPTIONS


  • Any items that may violate Federal, State, or local laws.
  • The sale of live animals.
  • All firearms, accessories and kits, airsoft guns, toy guns, or other items that release a projectile.
  • Any restraint devices, clubs, blackjacks, and other items designed and marketed for police use.
  • Swords, daggers, switchblades, and knives.
  • Chemical defense items, paint ball guns and supplies, darts, stun guns, and martial art weapons.
  • Pornographic material and literature, or sexually-oriented items and literature.


Violators will be subject to immediate removal without a refund of fees. All rules and regulations will be fairly, strictly, and unilaterally enforced by the Tomball German Festival Management Team.  Your full cooperation will be appreciated.


Ask for the German Festival discount. Hotels and lodgings are listed on our website at:


All vendors are required to decorate their booths in a Christmas fashion. Prize money for best decorated booths: 1st Place $350.00 – 2nd Place $200.00 – 3rd Place $100.00 – 4th Place $75.00 – 5th $50.00 – 6th $25.00 / Your application and or payment submission is your agreement of this requirement.  (This does not apply to the German Heritage Festival)​


I understand that during my participation as a VENDOR in the Tomball German Christmas Market or Tomball German Heritage Festival (EVENT), the Tomball Sister City Organization, Inc. (SPONSOR) is the final authority in the manner of interpretation and enforcement of all rules and regulations related to the EVENT, and reserves the right to accept or reject any application for exhibit space at its sole discretion. I, the VENDOR, agree to keep, save and hold the EVENT, SPONSOR and the CITY OF TOMBALL harmless from any and all action, liabilities, damages, judgments, costs and expenses including reasonable attorney’s fees, in the event an action is filed or does in any way accrue against the EVENT, SPONSOR or the CITY OF TOMBALL of consequence of the Agreement or for any act, negligence or omission of the SPONSOR or the SPONSOR’S agents, employees, participants or volunteers, in relation to the event. I agree that the EVENT and SPONSOR may use any photos or images taken or submitted for publicizing the EVENT with no compensation